Perfica Solutions Inc. (Perfica) delivers Instant Change & immediate results for our clients. Our underlying philosophy is simple yet very effective. Perfica provides Instant Change via our depth of experience, exceptional integrity, our wealth of influential relationships & partner affiliations allowing us to fully empower our clients towards their next path to success.

At Perfica we love what we do & we do so passionately. Passion to foster our thought leadership to do what is right from strategy development to execution as a core value to fully exploit the monetization of all "Lazy Assets"1 for our clients. "Lazy Assets" are analogous to the soul of a business; you know it exists but you can't see it. Perfica uncovers such assets to allow our client's to acknowledge the hidden strategic value they represent.

Such is the nature of our Instant Change genie that allows Perfica to "magically" remove any roadblock and/or seize untapped business opportunities thereby considerably increasing the value of your "Lazy Assets". In so doing, our clients become inspired by the heart-&-soul of their new found venture.

Perfica's focus is to rescue "Lazy Assets" and make them work in harmony with our client's business strategy. Perfica operates as a "change agent" in evoking a paradigm evolution on the "modus operandi" by monetizing untapped "Lazy Assets" so as to salvage these assets to kick-start the rebirth of a product/service launch and/or secure additional sources of revenue via expansion or growth into new segments.

Our "Rainmaker" community is well established & poised to transform "Lazy Assets" into "Monitized Assets". Our clients' success is attributed to privileged access to industry leaders, specialized knowledge & professional experience that fosters accelerated results with instant benefits. A Perfica invigorated experience delivers improved financial health, strategic growth & competitive advantage at a "magically" accelerated pace whereby wishes come to life.

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Monetize your "Lazy Assets" with Perfica's "Instant Change™ " genie that "magically" delivers "Instant Results" at an accelerated pace ensuring your wishes come to life!